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Living the sins of the past

Muhyiddin Yassin, the Malaysian Trade and Industry Minister was in town yesterday to promote more trade and investment in Malaysia. He promised that politics would not get involved in economics and everything that needed to be done to create a favourable business environment would be done. He appeared very sincere and earnest in what he was saying. Would the Singapore business community bites? After so many years of abuses and politicising of economics and the judiciary system to adversely affect Singaporeans and Singaporean investors in Malaysia, after losing so much money over ridiculous changing of rules and uneven playing fields, would anyone dare to invest in Malaysia again? The precedents set by the former govt and his reckless style of managing politics and economics are still reflected in the style of many Malaysian leaders. And anyone of them can be another Mahathir or even worst. Can there be any protection or guarantee that things will be normal and our investment be protected by the rule of law and the law enforcement officers? The sins of the past is catching up with Malaysia and it is a tricky business to cleanse itself from its devious past.


Anonymous said...

nobody in his right frame of mind would take these bandidos seriously, it is much safer to risks my money in cambodia or nigeria any day.

redbean said...

hard to disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

There are many more choices for Singapore businessmen to invest in, other than Malaysia, for example Vietnam, Cambodia, China and India etc. Once bitten twice shy.

Anonymous said...

imagine IDR at the height of the global market bull run. they cold shouldered you and tell you please piss off. dun need your money period. now that the global economy is in tatters and capital is in flight, they come to you with their best smiles and call you brother, we are no longer suspicious of your money. are we hillbillies just becos they are?

redbean said...

the untold damage and harm done by the mahathir govt are yet to be appreciated by the malaysian govt.

when a govt and a people have discredited themselves as unreliable, would not play by the rule of law, will not abide by any regulations or policies they have promoted and lived by, that is the end of trust.

they still think that they are kampong chiefs or pengurus, suka suka do or say this and then suka suka say or do something or change every rule agreed upon.

it is going to be tough. the brave would not even dare to tread.

Mockingbird said...

Once bitten, twice shy.
Twice bitten, never try.
Not in the same place anyway.

Anonymous said...

some may like to try their luck cos they may have connection to the umnoputras but you may never know when these bastards will turn their backs on you.


redbean said...

in brazil, every brazilian aspires to be a pele. in malaysia, every bumiputra would want to be another mahathir.

malaysia boleh. anything goes. no rules, no laws.

Anonymous said...

The problem is they are still stuck with the same old mentality of malay rights above everyone and everything else. So let them be.

redbean said...

malaysian and their political system were like ours when it started. the harm caused by the 30 year mahathir rule is unimaginable.

the judiciary, the political system, the police, the education system, becoming archaic instead of going forward.