Legally speaking

The Election Law states that no by election needs to be called in a GRC unless all the MPs in the GRC vacate their seats. This means that in a 5,6 or next time 10 member GRC, if only 1 member is still around, no need to call for by election. Does anyone think that this is not acceptable, that such a law is heavily flawed? No, not many think that this is not right. This is good in fact. One MP can serve a GRC of 5 or 6 MPs! If Singaporeans cannot find anything wrong with this law, that nothing can be wrong anymore.


Anonymous said...

What can go wrong when you can turn black to white?

redbean said...

the govt will do itself a lot of good by amending this election law to make it more relevant and in the eyes of the people, something perceived as more reasonable.

by simply voting it down sure gives a bad impression that it is bull dozing its way through. thio li ann and loo choon yong have achieved what they set up to do, ie to air what they think is a law that leaves much to be desired.

the justifications by the govt came out quite poorly.