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The Hollywood clowns!

And there are plenty of them, trying to make meanings out of their dumb decadence lifestyles with an abundance of money and nothing in the head. And Richard Gere came out as one of them. He saw our Ambassador Chan Heng Chee in her beautiful cheongsam in a party in Washington. And he went after her saying 'Oh Ambassador, we must talk about Tibet.' To this clown, every Chinese woman in cheongsam must be from China. Our Ambassador plainly told him that she was from Singapore and walked off. Poor dumb ass stood there trying to figure out what is the difference between China and Singapore. He may not have heard of Singapore at all.


Mockingbird said...

Richard Gere is ignorant like most Americans.

Anonymous said...

Clowns? Those who look up to them are bigger clowns. And there are naive and gullible peopls who are willing to pay millions just to get a first peek at those joker's photos of their kids. Silly!

Anonymous said...

suck up to them, we are still chinese in their eyes, be it singaporean, hongkonger or taiwanese.

redbean said...

let's try not be racist in our discussion.

he is very good looking. probably his only asset. and that is good enough to make him rich and famous.