Help me help you - Vivian said

This is what Vivian said to the residents of Cashew Constituency. He told them, 'What I will tell you is that anybody who needs help will get that help. I need you to help me and the grass roots leaders make sure that there is no hunger in Cashew. My advice to Vivian is to look no further. Ask Lily Neo. She will have a lot of good ideas if he cares to listen.


Kaffein said...

It's a lazy man way of reaching out.

Eg. A store puts up a sign - we will beat the price of our competitors by 5%.

This shows the store is not even interested in your well-being and is just trying to sell you a product.

Why don't I list down to the Opposition party how to help me? Isn't it true the opp party can also perform just as well as Vivian with the set needs?

Why am I paying you millions to help you help me? Sheesh.


redbean said...

lily neo has been helping his constituents all these years. she knows what to do.

hi kaffein, they are not caught by their super salary tag. they are expected to know everything and know them better than everyone else. and if they said they did not know, people are going to say, ah ha? you mean you don't know? how can? you are paid so many times more than us!

you want me to think for you, do your job?

Anonymous said...

redbean, lily neo is Indonesian girl, not a boy. so, it should be "her constituents", not "his constituents". CHEERS!

redbean said...

hahaha, don't be like that lah. keep picking on my mistakes. but it is good that we try not to make mistakes unnecessarily.