Have medal can kick asses

We have our table tennis medal. Nothing else matters. Let's celebrate. Forget about Gao Ning. Anyway who is Gao Ning? Did he win any medal? This looks like the message we are getting from all corners of Singapore. It is time for big celebration man. Pour the champagne and don't ever bring up the ugly news. We went to Beijing as Team Singapore. We also believe that as a team, no one shall be left behind. Was Gao Ning left behind? At first I heard that his coach was running a high fever. Then it was another player's coach. And his coach went to help the other player. And he was left to play without a coach. Every player had a coach to guide, to comfort, to sooth nerves, to psychic the player, to be a moral boosters, to be part of a team. Gao Ning was not part of a team? He was not Team Singapore? He played his game alone, by himself, in a world stage for all to see. Is that how we treat our player in Team Singapore? The table tennis battle was brought home. Team Manager Antony Lee was sacked. No, his term expires. No he wasn't sacked. Which is more embarrassing? Who should be sacked?


Anonymous said...

Singapore won nothing. Its China A team beating their B team. Simple as that.

Windbreaker said...

Foreigner migrate to Singapore they are citizen in Sg. They should be considered as Singaporean because they represent Singapore.

It's true China A team beat B team but who said B grade team can't beat the A grade team?

It's a matter of training. If Singapore coach can provide this support and motivation to their team they can definitely achieve Gold.

Plus I believe if like the situation the other player coach is sick. Maybe the manager shouldnt be so kaypoh go help other player instead of his own player in his team. But maybe he considered the foreigner already going to win a medal regardless of the situation.But the other player havent even achieve anything?So if help the other player maybe can win another medal leh?

But if he doesn't want to support his own player because of discrimination and think he is a foreigner then he really deserve the big sack! As a team manager he need to support of his team regardless what.

So we need to look at these two scenario which one is the truth..

redbean said...

i am less concern about this old citizen versus new citizen issue. i am looking at this craze for gold medals for the sake of gold medals and at a price that we should not be paying for.

it it becoming a senseless pursuit of nothingness.

Windbreaker said...

Yes, But now the situation is should the team manager be sacked? And does the team manager deserve the sacking made by the MP?

And getting Gold medal not easy..Top competitors from all over the world are competing and not easy.Plus must be mentally strong at all time.And not affect by any surrounding or people by all means.

redbean said...

we need to know the tooth before we can say anything. what really happened?

we don't want to jump the gun with only partial facts and hearsays.

Anonymous said...

the trouble with many people in singpore is they covet inordinately to be among winners in their pursuit for their personal benefits, as they immerse in such environment promoted by the state. naturally everyone of the TT coaches did not want to be left out as having put a personal contribution to the success of the women tt team, thus they ditched GN, whom they must have evaluated how remote his chance of winning a medal must be. what the STTA president did following the incident was no different from the behaviour of the manager and the coaches. the idea was to grap the opportunity to show her ability and firmness hoping that what she did would gain public attention and applaud of many singaporean for her own popularity to soar. But it backfired for doing unto the very people whose efforts directly brought a long sought after success. Its greed of the most disgusting kind. totally absent of any graciousness.

redbean said...

in a way, ya, trying to squeeze some personal glory and publicity.

shalu said...

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redbean said...

hi shalu,

welcome to the blog.

your suggestions will definitely bring us a lot of gold medals and glory.

should submit it to Reach. you may earn a meritorious medal too : )