God's Scheme of Things

Chin Sau Ho, Director from the Ministry of Finance, wrote a detailed reply to Conrad Raj's call for the govt to step in to help Singaporeans cope with higher inflation. Chin Sau Ho's point is that the govt is doing a lot to help the Singaporeans, including those in 4 rm and 5 rm flats through several kinds of handouts. And thanks to the GST for making this possible. With GST, the govt's approach is thus more targetted and effective except for those who are still left out of the loop. That is exactly why Vivian wanted the people's help to help him to reach out to those who did not get help. Nothing can beat God's Scheme of Things. It is the best solution from our earthly gods. GST is the best.


Mockingbird said...

GST would be the best if the poor are exempted from paying it.

Imagine the poor queing up at RC office to get their GST refund like tourists at Changi Airport :p

Just produce receipts of their purchases and get their GST refund in cash.

redbean said...

if the poor are exempted from it, would there be enough to help them?

they need to collect from the poor to hand it back to them to be seen as helping them.