God is beyond reproach

If there is anything, the best position to be in is god. God is the master of everything. He owns everything and controls everything. He dishes out punishment as he deems fit, according to his fancy or which side of the bed he wakes up. Basically, he calls the shot. And the best part of it, he is beyond reproach. It is always someone else fault. He is faultless and above all things. Nothing can stick on him or his spotlessly white garment. Nice, very nice. Please bow and pay your obeisance.


Mockingbird said...

God is beyond reproach. But a human gahmen is not. Their judgement day will come eventually even if it takes an eternity to do so.

Anonymous said...

Be aware of the ENERGY that you dissipate - communication - you have a lot to learn from its SOURCE!

redbean said...

we are one. in the beginning there was the word. and all things come from the word. the word is god. we are god.

jesus once said, 'isn't it written in the scripture, "Ye are gods"'