Give now talk later

In this extraordinary time while many people are still gasping for breath chasing at runaway prices of basic necessities, PN Balji suggested that the govt should consider a new approach, a give-now-talk-later way. During Hsien Loong's ND Rally speech there were a lot of giveaways, but all came with a series of conditions. These may not be good enough when some people need an immediate jab of morphine to be revived. This formula of giving with conditions, a proven formula to underline the need for self reliance, that nothing comes freely, has worked for some times but needs to be tweaked. It will also show a little more caring and compassion and less calculative. This is only one aspect to look at the govt. But how could this give-now-talk-later style match up with mean testing? The principle of mean testing is to take as much as you can. Check and see how much he has left for you to take. It also goes against the principle of thrift. When inflation is eroding the value of money so rapidly, when things are getting more expensive by the days, everyone is fearing that his/her little savings may not be enough. But the principle of mean testing wants people to spend and eat sharksfin if they have a few dollars more is really bad. What the govt needs to do is provide the medical services that the people want and willing to pay for. Not the type of services that people want but cannot afford to pay or services that people do not want but must want and pay. Somehow it is like take-now-talk-later instead of give-now-talk-later.

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