The end of wedding dinners

This tradition of holding wedding dinner in posh hotels is coming to an end, at least for the average Singaporeans. The rich can continue to have their expensive and once in a life time wedding, and ensuring that every wedding dinner is different and memorable. But with the kind of pricing and the hongpao that must be appropriate, the guests will find it quite unaffordable. A $400 hongpao for a couple is getting to be the norm. And in hot or favourite months, one can easily receive two or more invitations. This is going to be a big financial burden to bear for many who are trying to make ends meet. A time will come when invitation to a wedding dinner will not longer be welcomed and be frown upon. And do not be surprised when one of these days the invitation will be thrown back in the face of the bride and groom. It could be seen as a kind of social extortion. We need to look for a cheaper and reasonable alternative. The church wedding, the void deck wedding or maybe a buffet lunch wedding may become more practical. Brides and grooms beware. Your invitation may become offensive.


Anonymous said...

It is now reaching the stage of insanity. You would expect the food to be good, but most sucks! How much do the wedding planners really reap out of all this?

Mockingbird said...

i can't agree with you more pal. i hate chinese wedding dinners. it always starts late and the food is more often than note unsatisfying.

Buffet dinners better. Can eat until full then leave straight away. No need to wait until 11pm for the last dish to be served.

Giving invitation to an expensive wedding dinner that costs around $1,000 per table is indeed a form of social extortion.

The recipient of such an invitation should really throw the card back at the groom or bride if he's not financially well-off. If that's too rude, then just do a no-show at the actual dinner. That means don't give any ang-pao too.

To hell with all these crappy expensive wedding dinners.

Happy Restaurant at Lion City Hotel should be considered for budget wedding dinners. The cheapest table can cost around $300+.

Anonymous said...

the more one pays, the lousier one's products usually get. my braun buffel bag and guess shirt which cost hundreds were made in cheap factories in china and the quality is just shit.

Beracahvalley said...
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Beracahvalley said...
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Beracahvalley said...

I am reading your blog and I enjoy it very much. Very insightful stuff I must say.

( Yeah, I deleted my comments earlier cause' I think there were some error or something with my computer )

redbean said...

hi beracahvalley,

thanks and welcome to the blog. you are most welcome to share your views with everyone here. we are just chatting and looking at things from the ordinary redbeans' point of view.