Empty roads empty shops

Is it an overkill, the roads inside CBD are practically empty especially around the Chinatown area. And the retail and food stall owners are manning empty stalls. Business has been hit and is down by 50% as reported in the news. The jewel of Singapore's tourist attraction is turning into a ghost to at least for this month. We have empty roads to help businesses. The businesses now need help. The newly opened Chinatown Food Centre, if I get the name correct, is said to have 60% of the shops open for business. And shops are closing early as customers are hard to come by in the evening. Roads are made for use, not to be empty. There is an optimum point before congestion slows down traffic and leads to dysfunctional roads. And empty roads are as good as dysfunctional for being under utilised. Maybe it is still too early and motorists have not got use to the higher ERP charges and more ERP gantries. Give it another 6 months and business will be roaring. The motorists just need to get use to paying more.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry lah, F1 is coming and business will improve. After that when the casinos open for business, tourist will pour in to patronise loh. Aiyoh, it's all planned to help business. They always plan their collections ahead then give you little bit back. In the meantime I suggest the shopowners just tighten their belts for a few more weeks before the F1 boom time.

redbean said...

you got a point. F1 will surely bring in a lot of business. then there is sands casino over the horizon. things will look better in times to come.