The DNA Bill

UMNO is in a hurry to pass this DNA Bill in Parliament. And they think this will be the ultimate weapon to hang anyone they deemed necessary. Yes, the DNA Test will not lie. The proof is conclusive. Once your DNA matches those in the scene of crime, there is no place to run. But it is so dangerous. With everyone's DNA floating all over the place, it can land in the wrong hands and appears in the wrong place. If this Bill is passed, Malaysians should stop giving blood. They should even claim back their blood from the blood bank. And they better wipe the utensils they used in public places like pubs and restaurants. Going to the barber is also dangerous. The dentists, seeing a doctor and giving blood samples etc etc. With such a dangerous Bill, no where is safe.


Mockingbird said...

Nowhere is safe save the grave.

Anonymous said...

they fixed the judiciary,the police,they have the osa, isa and now the dna. what's else can they think of next? there's no where else to run for anwar except straight to putrajaya.