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Difficult time, no need for by-election

This is what Nazry Bahrawi said in his article in Today. We are in difficult time, we cannot afford to waste time for a by election. Ooooh, does it mean that come 2011, and if Singapore is hit by a recession, no need to call for General Election? Quite logical really. The Ministers and MPs will be working their guts out trying to bring us out of the recession and cannot spare the time for a General Election. And a General Election is a costly affair too. Save the money for a better day and skip the election. So, now is bad time, the four MPs can help out. Why waste time and resources for a by election? Did we hear that more and more people are seeking help from the MPs in such time? Would the increasing load makes it more urgent for Bukit Batok to have a full time MP to help all those in need of help? Let me think about it again. It is a very difficult question to answer.


Anonymous said...

Difficult time? Just few months ago MM Lee was talking about our golden era.

Costly affair? How much have we lost on the foreign banks by comparison.

Anonymous said...

If Bukit Batok GRC were in opposition hands I think the PAP would be clamouring for a by-election, difficult time or not.

redbean said...

the person calling the shot will have his reasons prevailed as the good reasons.

redbean said...

hey, you people agree with this clever logic? back times no need election?

Anonymous said...

What logic? Their logic is manufactured to suit the circumstances, not to address the issue.