The dangers of insensitivity

This is the title of an article by Julie Chia on the Chinatown complex. She was talking about implementing safety measures without sensitivity and this may affect the disabled being help. I would like to borrow her title to talk about the mean thing. Mean testing is being introduced after all. No matter how well meaning, subjecting a fellow citizen to mean testing is cruel, disgraceful and insensitive. Why would a govt think that it is so necessary, that there is no better way out and will implement mean testing on its people? Is this the best solution from our supertalents? If this is, then we need to double the pay and look for better talents. The principle that I am against is that the strong, rich and powerful think that it is ok, acceptable, reasonable, to subject the poor and less able to a demeaning test of his personal wealth, his confidentiality and little self worth. All these are put onto the table to be viewed and study by people with their nose in the air. Huh, this is what this bugger is and has! So pathetic. What a loser! Historically, the rich, the powerful, and the rulers, will gradually degenerate to a state when they no longer empathise with the less fortunate. To them, they are above all these and not affected by it. The poor bugger has no sense of pride or shame, no dignity. And it is ok to line them up and strip them of everything for all to see. Anyone who thinks that mean testing is acceptable and well meaning should not spout the word compassion any more. Let the word compassion be thrown into the dustbin. There must be better ways than mean testing. When the rulers think that mean testing is not mean, we are going down. We have taken the first step down this road. More things will be found befitting for mean testing. It has been suggested that buying HDB flats should be considered for mean testing. What else? Anything that has an element of subsidy should qualify for mean testing. School fees should be the next candidate.

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