Childcare not for profit!

ERPs not for profit. Childcare also not for profit. Are we going mad? We privatised govt organisations and statutory boards to make them efficient and profitable. And in order for them to exist, they must make profits. Even charitable organisations are thinking of making profits, or at least some of those running them. And here we have the childcare operators saying that making profits is not their main priority. So what are they existing for? Shall we rename them as charitable organisation and give them the IPC status? These operators must be so embarrassed about making profits and became so defensive about their business. Why don't they bluntly quote some big shots saying that it is important to make profits. They can't be fools running a business for nothing. Or maybe there are some kinds of saints. Maybe they are right. All the organisations do not make profits as their priority. It is just incidental. They exist for more noble reasons.


Anonymous said...

The people are learning. Learning how to spin!

Mockingbird said...

Childcare centers can't admit that their primary goal is to make profit. it makes them look bad if they provide service that is only okay compared to the private montessori which charges a premium.

redbean said...

the singapore culture is to make profit. the more profit the more successful one is. and all organisations must make profit.

these childcare operators are not fit to be singaporeans. they are ashamed to tell people that they are there to make profits.

how can?