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Cannot afford to pay electricity bills

Cannot afford to pay electricity bills 13,700 families cannot afford to pay their electricity bills. And 35% of these are living in 4 and 5 rm flats, each costing a few hundred thousand dollars. The better 5 rm flats may fetch near to a million dollars, almost a millionair in assets. Dear me, cannot afford to pay for electricity bills! In many countries, these are rich people. But in paradise, these are poor, the poor rich. I think many people will want to be in paradise to be poor. Anyway, tell them not to worry about not being able to pay their bills. Help is on the way. How about raising electricity tariff to help them?


Anonymous said...

"How about raising electricity tariff to help them?"

Beanie, you are brilliant! How come you are not invited for tea?

Lost4ever said...

din u know that they now have pre-paid card... u pay first, when its up... power will be cut... so will be something like computer games or pin ball machine... GAME OVER.... then when money flows, electricity will flow also.

Anonymous said...

Living within your means is the best policy. No ego, no debts, no worries. Let them have their condos, cars, credit cards, country clubs memberships, but people die with just their clothes on. Nothing comes with you, nothing goes with you.

redbean said...

i like ang tau tng best. : )