Black cats and white cats

This is the famous quotation from Deng Xiao Ping. A cat that catches mice, black or white, is still a good cat. While we are in the mood for liberalisation, while we embrace all things, white, black and grey, there are certain basic values, moral values that we should not forget or lose them. Black cat or white cat, black talent or white talent, as long as they can produce are good cats or good talents. But talents who are cheats is not an issue of black or white cats. Cheats are cheats. It is criminal to praise cheats as talents and let the society think that cheats are ok as long as they are talented. This message must not go down to the people and everyone thinks that after cheating, pay a price, one can still be glorified, and walk tall. When out elite promote such a perception, our moral standing is in question. Yellow ribbon is good. The wrong doers must be given a second chance. But to praise wrong doers like role models or idols, that is not very right.

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