The Big IF

What if Anwar is a victim of a political conspiracy to keep him out of politics? If this is the case, what can the Malaysians make out of their political leadership and all those in power, including the police and judiciary who are all out to get him? Has Malaysia degenerated to such an unhealthy state of affair when leaders of the country could stoop so low, devoid of all human decencies, ethics and moral conduct, to destroy a fellow man just to keep themselves in power? If this is the case, what kind of country has Malaysia become? And what should the people do when the leadership is totally immoral and has no moral authority to lead? The big IF, is that if what is happening is really so shamelessly ruthless. And the leadership still walks around like upright and honest men and pointing an accusing finger at an innocent man. This is the big IF. Any country that has gone down to this level is no longer a country but a hell hole. What is the truth in Malaysia?


Mockingbird said...

Iraq is a hell-hole. Myanmar is obviously a political hell-hole.

i wonder which country is more of a political hell-hole. Singapore or Malaysia? Sama, sama?

Was it Mahathir who sacked Badawi as Defence Minister, and then later brought him into the protem committee of UMNO as the Vice President?

redbean said...

to some, ya singapore has become a hell hole. to many, still a little paradise.

in the future, yet to come?