30%, 40% or 50%?

How much do you want to cover, 30%, 40% or 50%? This was the response from Foo Yee Shoon when Lily Neo when the later asked for more assistance for the poor. This reminds me of the same kind of response in the last Parliament sitting. You want to eat in hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant. And both reponses came from the MCYS. That must be their style of discussions. Lily Neo was right to reply that that was not what she was asking. And I think she deserves a more appropriate reply than a challenge to her request for more help for those who need it. What she did not expect was a retort when all she did was to ask for more help. But some people may disagree with me that the response was a challenge or a retort. Fair enough. It is all a matter of interpretation.


Mockingbird said...

Foo Yee Shoon is old goose. Lily Neo is still a chio bu.

Perhaps if the poor is currently 20% covered, it would be good to cover them up to 30% in these times of record inflation.

redbean said...

make up your mind. you want 30% or 40%?

if i say 50% will you be happy? even if i cover 60%, there will still be unhappy people.

see, steady lah.

Swee swee huh?

redbean said...

when lily neo was snubbed the first time she did not know what hit her. this time she was all prepared for it.

and she hit back straight away. good for her. she's like a chilli padi, and a great looking one too : )