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2 member GRCs

I would like to take up Shriniwas Rai's suggestion of having 2 member GRCs. I think this is getting more relevant if we look at the composition of the population. We have two main minority groups and a growing foreign talent group. The 3 together will probably make up 50% of the population. And to give every group proportional representation, we should convert all GRCs to 2 member GRCs with one member from the majority group and one from either of these 3 groups. Oh, not to miss out on our Eurasian group, they can be included as the fourth member. So the new composition of GRCs should be one Chinese and one Indian/Malay/FT/Eurasian. The FT can be Indian, Chinese or any foreigner turned Singaporean. That should be a good thing to make sure that all groups are equally represented in Parliament. How's that?


Mockingbird said...

2 member GRCs? Too few candidates liao lah. Chances of PAPpy implementing it: Zilch.

It would be much easier for opposition parties to field 2 member teams to contest for such a GRC.

Anonymous said...

We are talking about the impossible scenario. The bets are on on the number of candidates going up rather than coming down. Dream on lah!

redbean said...

i think this is the standard view of most singaporeans. everyone is expecting grcs to be enlarged to help the opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

I'm more inclined to go with redbean. PAP's strategy is likely to be win big, lose small. The ground is not going to be sweet for PAP with issues such as ministerial pay increases, GST increase, ERP increases, huge FT influx, job losses, and a minister who made a great escape.

Events still unfolding across the causeway will affect our voting habits too. Won't be surprised if the GRC size becomes smaller.

redbean said...

let's watch and see how sincere all these talks are.