It's been nearly one and a half month and the search is still on. Mind you, the search is really serious. Armies of soldiers and policemen scouring every little nook and corner for the most wily prisoner on the run. This man is reputed to have an IQ of 200. Beats any scholar that we have. He can outwit every nitwit in paradise. Now he is commanding a respect that no one ever had. Some kind of a genius in the league of Einstein. And every stone will not be left unturned until he is found. Heard that they are planning to dig up the graves to look at the coffins, in case that's where he is hiding. The last time they were checking golf bags and thermos flasks. By now the world must be convinced that this man had escaped our equivalent of Alcatraz. And we are doing everything we could, with the best technology, and every man we got. No effort shall be spared till he is caught and kept safely in Mount Pleasant again. Frankly, I don't believe a bit about the whole story. Just my professional assessment. Escape from Alcatraz is impossible.


Anonymous said...

This story about his escape cculd all be a smoke screen. Maybe he had not escape at all?????? Maybe there is another explanation?????

Anonymous said...

Mas Selamat has been elevated to the status of David Copperfied and Chris Angel with his disappearing act. Another feather in our cap!