Where are the political elite?

I grumbled a few times about the silence of our local elite on political and social matters except for the presence of Catherine Lim and Ngiam Tong Dow. Not much or nothing was heard from all those who could lend weight to an issue. Now, after reading what Conrad Raj had written in Today this morning, I found my answer. They are all hiding in local clubs, plotting and politiking against one another. 'They(clubs) also seem to be places where aspiring or frustrated politicians and lawyers try to exhibit their craft, much to the chagrin of other members. Litigation to assert their perceived rights is a common recourse.' Said Conrad Raj. How true. And being pragmatic people, raised in a culture of pragmatism, where else is a better and safer place to show how good they are? The opposition parties should make an attempt to infiltrate into these clubs and do their recruitments there. But then again, knowing the pragmatic mentality, these elite are unlikely to venture into anything riskier than the comfort zones provided by clubs. Nice hiding places.

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