We cannot raise your salary

I mean we cannot raise the workers' salary to meet the rising cost of living. Everything is going up but your salary cannot go up. We will lose our competitiveness. The no jobs how? And your problem? What's your problem? Oh, money not enough. Then you should think of ways to make money enough. Buy cheaper stuff, tighten belt, eat lesser, spend lesser, stay at home, don't bathe and save water. Or learn from Redbean, eat instant noodles and 3 in 1, housebrand is better and cheaper.


Anonymous said...

Yeah lor, buy cheaper stuff we need them to teach us meh. How can, they neber have to buy cheap stuff, tighten belt, eat less, spend less, so how they know how we feel. Like teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs. My stuff all housebrands long time already. Still tak boleh tahan!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Very simple. If you want to earn more, make yourself WORTH more.

Otherwise, cut back on spending.

Anonymous said...

So they are agreeing with Dr Chee Soon Juan that people alreay "Tah Boleh Tahan".

What about all Ministers donate 90% of their salary and annual bonus to a common pool to help the poor?

Am I dreaming?

redbean said...

don't ask too much. 10% will be a lot of money. but cannot legislate such things. it is people's hard earned money.