A very uncomfortable moment in Parliament

The spot light was on Kan Seng. He spoke in all seriousness, telling a very difficult story to a Parliament that was shocked by the truth. The mouths were gapping widely in disbelief. It must be a very uncomfortable time for Kan Seng to tell a clumsy truth that he himself said, was simple, silly and incredible. There was nearly a full house in Parliament. Practically the whole cabinet was there, including the MM, SM and PM. It was serious business. There was no time for funny questions. But funny question there was when Low Thia Khiang asked Kan Seng if the rumour that Mas Kastari was already dead while the escape story was a diversion. Kan Seng simply asked him if he believed in the story. And that ended the questioning. How could such a question be raised? What are the implications of the question? No joking matter really. Imagine what would it be like if the story is true. It would mean that the whole escape was a hoax! How could the govt stand on its feet with such a big hoax? Thus, the question shouldn't be asked at all. That was the only news clip of a funny question, and I presume there were none after that. Even asking a simple question under such circumstances requires a lot of courage. They better be relevant to the issue.


Anonymous said...

I am actually starting to think he may already be dead....Mr Low is not askign a stupid question.


redbean said...

hi kevin, i empathise with your doubt. and welcome to the blog.

for the moment, it is just a rumour, unless his dead body is found. people are free to imagine all the possibilities. but these will just be possibilities and doubts in people's mind.

Anonymous said...

Even if it is true, do you think they will leave the body to be found? Singapore is after all 'a city of possibilities' isn't it?

redbean said...

talking about possibilities, anything goes. if mas can sneak out so easily, what else is unbelievable?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't think the guy died in custody. The SG govt wouldn't hide anything like that, and it would be too difficult to hide because there'd be too many people involved. Someone would have sneaked in a camera phone, snapped some pictures and uploaded it to YouTube already.

Mas Selamat escaped. He got the better of S'pore's bravest and brightest. He beat the odds.

Anonymous said...

Let agree that he escaped. What is incredulous is he is able to continue to hide in SIN while the police are helpless & not able to pin-point more less his location.

Why does the Minister continue to assert he is likely still in Singapore?

In a city state like ours, can Mas Selamt continue to play hide while police is not seen to be seeking.

There are no activities showing police doing rounds & asking doors to be open for inspection in case he is enjoying TV in AC HDB comfort.

Are our police so helpless? Or Police is adopting a more intelligent method to pin his exact whereabout.

His AQ contact will be trying too.

Perhaps we have to start looking into every doors till he is found if the assertion is correct.

We should waste no time to give credibility back to our man in blue.

redbean said...

i have suggested that we should do a door to door search, operation MAS. every cc/mc/rc be roped in to conduct the search. all reservist call up to help. we can do it in a day or two over the weekend as a national exercise.

we can still do it now before the population hits 6.5m. it will then be a daunting task.