Unprecedented public dressing down by LKY

After so much noise about the complacency slight, allow me to look at the issue from another perspective. This is probably the first time that the security agency has received a public dressing down by LKY. He made it very clear that it was their fault, their complacency. Unprecedented man. The second point he made was that the govt cannot take care of everything. There were areas that the govt may overlook, oversight or did not do well. Another unprecedented statement. And the third unprecedence, the govt is fallible. Oops. Now this is a very serious statement and admission from LKY, that the govt is not infallible. It was a time for humility and not to take things for granted. Now, did you people get the picture on complacency? A public dressing down, and an acknowledgement that things can go wrong and a govt that cannot be depended on completely. So the people must not be complacent and be vigilant, and must think and make wise choices. It must be looked at from this context. That is perhaps the furthest LKY could say, stopping short of saying that an alternative govt should be in waiting, just in case. When the govt is fallible, the people cannot afford to be complacent. Is that the correct message that I am getting? People must listen carefully when a wise man speaks.


Anonymous said...

What utter bollocks. So, after paying a hefty premium for the top talent, we are now told that they are not the superhumans they make themselves out to be, and that it is now the people's job to be vigilant ? Just what is this fuckturn smoking ? I suppose since the people are now expected to do part of the government's job, how about they also share their obscene pay packets and bonuses with the people ? Afterall, he was the one whos told the people never to expect any free lunches.

redbean said...

why do you think there is a need to raise minister's salary further?

Anonymous said...

When trouble comes he expects the people to do part of the government's job. When the time comes for bailing out failing banks and increasing their pay packets they tell the people it is not their concern to know the reasons. It is all confidential. How convenient. He really thinks the non-elitist Singaporeans are fools that can be easily manipulated.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> People must listen carefully when a wise man speaks. <

Everyone has the potential to say something "wise". What is "wise" anyway? To me it means that it in accordance with the OBJECTIVE reality. i.e. The govt is fallible, the govt cannot solve all problems, the people must be VIGILANT... all these are necessary ideas to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every individual in a "free" society.

Yes, although he never said it, in other cuntries the govt also has a "shadow" govt — the folks who lost the last election — watching over things.

This does not guarantee freedom (because sometimes the govt and shadow govt collude with each other) but it does help.

What it comes down to is individual vigilance. If you want your cuntry to be free, rich and happy, you have to give a shit about it.

It's that simple. In this case, I fully agree with Old Harry.