Top brains for the Premiership

The concept of having the top academic brains in govt was a practice in Imperial China for centuries. But if historical records were anything to be trusted, they failed over and over again. Also, the top academic brains were best only in administrative roles. Many were not real leaders or did not make it to the top post, ie the Emperorship. The Emperor was our equivalent of the PM. Many top scholars reached the premiership in their career. But the premiership then was at best a top civil servant. The Emperor was the ruler akin to the PM today. A ruler. The type of leadership in a ruler is very different from those of top civil servant. A top academic brain or a top professional is not necessary the right guy for the job. Political leadership demands more than academic or professional excellence. Otherwise all the deans of universities or top scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers will all end up as the top man. Historically, many leaders were not top academic brains or top professionals. We have librarian, soldiers, businessmen, football club manager, actors, farmers and of course lawyers and mathematicians. The real leaders are not simply just because of their academic prowess. And a good leader is something else. It is the heart that is more important.


Anonymous said...

Winston Churchill is an example of a not so great academic person who became a great leader, another is Deng Xiao Peng. It is the heart that is more important! well said.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Only Sheeple need to be led. Independently minded, mature men and women are comfortable deciding for themselves, and acting accordingly.

Sure, there are people required to "run" a cuntry. But do they have to be "leaders"—yes, but in a limited context.

Private sector e.g.: A CEO is a "leader" but only in his own company. He is required to "lead" people to achieve maximum profitability. At 5pm when everyone goes home, the CEO is not longer a "leader" of his workers. In other words, the CONTEXT of his leadership is LIMITED to the business.

Similarly, I agree that the PM should "lead" his team of ministers to get the job done, but definitely NOT the whole motherfucking cuntry. For e.g., I do not WORK for PM Lee Hsien Loong. Therefore he can forget about "leading" me. Actually, he should stay the fuck away from me and leave me alone.

Classical liberals (individual freedom defenders) have always made the case for the "invisible" govt. i.e. I do not need to know who my President/PM/Premier/Chief Minister etc is. They do not run my life. Their job is to lead their team to run the country. And if they are "invisible" so much the better.

You go to a restaurant or buy a car. Apart from the odd moment of curiosity, do you care if you don't see or experience the kitchen where the food is being prepared, or the car factory where the car is being made? Of course not. All you care about is the final product and whether you got value for money.

And the head chef or the car factory manager doesn't come out and tell you how to run your life, and to be "loyal" to them.

Fuck the political leaders. As I said when I opened—Only SHEEPLE need to be led.

redbean said...

too much govt is going to destroy this little paradise.

singaporeans must cry for mercy, to be left alone to lead their own lives.

Anonymous said...

God created this little paradise, thus god's will must prevails.

Anonymous said...

Which God? Christians have a Christian God. Muslims have a Muslim God. In Singapore's context even God cannot take the credit, except you know who.....

Matilah_Singapura said...

Goddess of Mercy = Kuan Ying

God Of Mercilessness (Ruthlessness) = Kuan Yew

redbean said...

god of righteousness - kuan yu, aka kuan gong.