Today's Great Beliefs

There are many great beliefs today that look so good. These include all the highs, high salaries, high rentals, high property prices, high cost of livings, high medical fees, high tuition fees, high population, high foreign influx, high savings, etc etc. No wise man will utter a word of caution against these great beliefs. One day, all these great beliefs will come back and haunt us and even destroy us. And all the chorus singers will sing, 'I told you so.' But for the time being everyone is feeling very high.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Again, redbean. You're missing the point. The rise in the the general price level across the economic system is a consequence of a massive global expansion of the money supply.

redbean said...

really, global expansion of money supply? where? why so many people asking, 'where is the money?'

Matilah_Singapura said...

The average perswon is illiterate in the real ideas of economics, finance, liberty and justice.

That's why democracy gets "exploited" by the crafty political elite. People think that democracy is "fair and just", but they end up being conned.

And it serves them right.

Anonymous said...

Where is the money? It is with the Money Masters, waiting to buy up everything when it is cheap, cheap, cheap.