Talk on Generosity in Public Service

Mahbubani should invite Lee Myung Bak to the LKY School of Public Policies to talk on Generosity in Public Service and the Meaning of Public Service. Paradise has long discarded and forgotten that there are some human values that are good through times. Things like generosity, compassion, kindness and helping the poor. These are values to live be and not just to speak for show. And Lee Myung Bak is the man to talk on such basic human goodness. No one can accuse him of hypocrisy, of saying one thing and doing another. Lee Myung Bak will bring enlightenment to Paradise, to those that have been blinded by greed. But he has a tough job convincing those who have crossed over to the dark side that there is still light on the good side. Of course many will sneer at him and call him foolish. But to be pragmatic, he should not push it too far by asking people to follow his example. Just pass the message that greed is good. This will bring cheers from his audience. All he needs to is to conclude by saying, 'Too greedy is bad.'

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