A Sunday morning muse

Green Peas asked me if I am a believer. Firstly it is not nice to tell someone you don't believe in him. Secondly it can be a dangerous thing to do. On a Sunday morning, maybe it is good to let the imagination runs wild. Let's create a hypothetical scenario. LKY decides that he had enough of politics for a lifetime. And he feels that Hsien Loong deserves a good break, having worked so hard to look after a Singaporean population that is increasingly more demanding and less appreciative of the sacrifices politicians made for them. So he bought a piece of land in Australia, about 100 times the size of Singapore. And he calls it the state of LKY. Oops, miss out the e. The estate of LKY. He and his family and his extended families are going to retire into this estate that he can called his own. No more politics, just live and enjoy life like a baron. Well, that should be a good and happy ending like in the fairy tales. And they live happily ever after. Now a new chapter of politiking starts in paradise. Overnight, every minister realises that he is a PM potential. Everyone suddenly found the inner calling, that he is cut out to take Singapore to greater heights. All have great plans on the new Singapore that he wants it to be. The amazing thing is that there are more than a dozen ministers vying for the post when none was available yesterday. And everyone look so good and so capable, and so deserving. Let's give it a try. PM Jayakumar, PM Wong Kan Seng, PM Lim Boon Heng, PM Ng Eng Hen, PM Tharman, PM Lim Hng Kiang, PM Teo Chee Hian, PM George Yeo, PM Lee Boon Yang, PM Shanmugam, PM Yaacob, PM Khaw Boon Wan. They all sound so good, so comfortable. Singaporeans, I think, will easily get use to calling any one of them PM. Not that difficult actually. The morning air smells so refreshing.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Do you know why the free-market in private enterprise is such a great institution?

Because of the spirited, rivalrous, high-energy competition.

If there is ever such a thing as a "good" PM, then there must be fierce competition... many contenders all vying enthusiastically for the top-job.

Unfettered competition means every person has to be his best at all times. This is why the free-market brings out the very best in people.

If you bring out your WORST in the free-market (by cheating or stealing or bullying), the whole fucking world will collapse on you, because no one will protect or support you. Your competition is likely to speed up your demise simply to eliminate one contender from the field—you—forever.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the PM post, but your lunatic theory certainly doesn't apply to office politics. Ever heard of collusion?

Anonymous said...

Whoever survives the battle isn't necessarily the best either.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Sure collusion occurs. And it is free too. Meaning, people will do what they want—some will collude, others so filled with mistrust will never collude. Some will collude and double-cross. There are so many "exciting" scenarios. Free-markets are exactly like that. Anything goes.


It depends by what standard you men "the best".

Anonymous said...

That's how we got Mahathirs and Berlusconis. And the French presidents too - never mind the fact that the last Frenchie to have got anything accomplished was de Gaule.

redbean said...

matilah's model exists only in idealism. in reality, man will collude as they know that they cannot do much alone.

that is why organisation is strength. and the group that is able to get together, controls the free souls or disorganised masses.

Anonymous said...

Matilah talk about "free market in private enterprise is such a great institution" Imagine the market is Singapore, the private enterprise is Temasek Holdings and is a great institution. A

nd Matilah seriously believe there is real spirited rivalry energy competion.. This is the morning ruse? Temasek is in a dominant position where is can abuse/disabuse its dominant position.. with competition Act- there is still supertalent version which says "as long as it bring values, it does not deem to be anti-competition" One can dominate and abuse with words "brings values"..

"Every person" has to be his best..another joke?. Temasek says my flag is bigger than yours and i carry the flag higher -what else even with your best rear side can you offer with such abuse. There is talk-only "free market" like you idealise.

No parliament speech on GLC (way back in 1994 by Davinder Singh)about GLC abusing their position had made any difference.

Business like "dog eats " and what personal best?. GLC doesnt care if your rear or front is best, rare or well done, they will mual even in the playground deep in neverland as long as your path cross theirs. They loved to jump into your beds and take your gf. Welcome to the "free market".

Matilah_Singapura said...

it is important to understand what free markets are and what they aren't.

Free markets happen only if govt gets out of the way of the private sector. Free markets don't happen when govt gives 'special privileges' to certain private firms, giving the an unfair advantage over their competition.

The govt should never be in business. Business is for the private sector--ONLY. Once govt is in business, it can run anyway it chooses. Lose money, no problem taxpayer pays. Want to buy assets--anywhere in the world? No problem. as long as the govt can tax and regulate the local economy, there is NO PROBLEM about them doing business.

And as you've indiated, an entity like Temasek can abuse its market position. A huge chunk of S'pore's stock market is made up of govt linked or govt owned companies. because of their sheer size, they have the potential of sucking up a huge bulk of investment capital, leaving sweet fuck-all for local privately own firms.

The saving grace is this: there are some savvy private operators in S'pore, who've managed to "beat" the govt in the market. People like UOB's Uncle Wee, Hong Leong's Uncle Quek --- the govt's corporations have tried to hantam them in the market, and they've still managed to make squillions. (and continue to make)