Stop complaining, HELP is everywhere

Why are Singaporeans complaining about high cost of living when HELP is everywhere. Stretch out your hand and you can touch HELP. I couldn't believe that there is so much HELP out there to keep the people warm at night. HELP from the govt, HELP from the NGOs and charities. There must be thousands of HELP organisations with hundreds of millions of dollars helping the poor. And there are so few poor living among us that many did not even know they existed. There are handouts, discount vouchers, subsidies, donations, queues for free food, charity shows etc etc. Sometimes I wonder if we are in Africa! With so much HELP, so many wonderful people helping, a little affordable increases here and there should not mean a thing. We can indeed be called a HELP paradise. If we put all the HELP agencies together, and the varieties of HELP a Singaporean can get, we should rightfully be number ONE in the world for helping our people. And best, we don't believe in welfare state and giving freely to the people. It is so sian to talk about the poor when the poor are so well taken care of. And don't forget, the more the increases, the more HELP will be there. Fear not, for I have known you by your name....


Matilah_Singapura said...

Is the nation of Sheeple turning into a nation of helpless emotional cripples?

Don't people accept anymore the idea that life comes with occasional struggles and challenges?

It was all very well for these whinges to buy that new computer or iPod or car, but now that (for e.g.) food costs more everyone's getting bent out of shape?

redbean said...

in my country, all the incumbents need to do is to complain how tough the profession is, and quote a few resignations, which in human resources lingo is normal and healthy, then a big pay rise will be on the way.