Starvation? Not in Singapore

With escalation of food prices, the crisis could lead to war and starvation. But complacent Singaporeans need not worry. We are safe. With money, nothing is impossible. We have spent billions in our investments and have billions more in reserves. What is one or two millions more to pay for food. Now, what is $22b as compare to $2m? It is $22,000,000,000 to $2,000,000. There are quite a lot of zeros there. The removal of GST from rice will save the Singaporeans 7% and this is only a few millions a year. Singaporeans are simply lucky, and can continue to be complacent. Actually incorrect. Singaporeans are lucky to have such an efficient govt that plans ahead and accumulates so much money to cushion a rainy day.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey look at it another way, what better way than to put those vain-glorious fat clinics out of business?

S'pore is a place where many people shovel food into their cake-hole all day long without regard. Type II diabetes rates are increasing. Type II diabetes is even being diagnosed in fat-arsed school children, whose irresponsible parents allow the brats to eat all sorts of rubbish all the time.

The difference between S'pore locals and Thai locals is amazing. The Thais, for the most part, are slim and look fit, Sporeans are simply getting FATTER. For e.g. you'll be hard pressed to find a fat Thai chick, but man oh man there are fat chicks in S'pore. And if you ever visit Australia, watch the fuck out! We have 100kg females over there....and there's a campaign to "save the whales".... Why?

redbean said...

god is fair lah. you drive around damn shiok. don't have to walk but pay to work out in planet fitness.

the poor bugger walks everywhere got free exercise some more, and leaner.

the bugger eats all the fine food, and need to go for regular check ups. the poor bugger has little to eat and survive without seeing a doctor,

i still like to drive around and eat all the good things money can buy. the hospitals and doctors love me more.