A special hotel in paradise

The guests have single rooms. They have special areas for worshipping and were guided by religious teachers. When they are in trouble, they are assisted by counsellors. They wore new clothes and spruce up for family visits. The hotel is operated under a holistic environment for rehabiltation. The hotel is in Whitley Road. And all the rumours about harsh punishments were just rumours. Dr Rohan Gunaratna, head of Singapore's Internationa Centre of Political Violence and Terrorism Research, said, 'The rumours you hear about harsh treatment are not true. The conditions there must be conducive to rehabilitation. If you treat them badly, their resentment will grow.'


Anonymous said...

The centre primary objective is to deal with opposing political leaders. As you can see that the centre is not equip to due with terrorist which explains how Selamat can easily escaped.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't agree that detention or rehab centers should be "comfortable". They should be as harsh and spartan as one's human decency would allow.

And they should not be "sanitised" for open houses. They should always be presented in a way that they'll scare the shit out of people.

I also don't believe in rehabbing terrorists. That is fucking nonsense. It is a waste of tax payer revenue, and an insult to those families who have lost a loved one to acts of terrorism.

Terrorists should be confined, manacled and shackled, and given absolutely no special privileges.

redbean said...

terrorist terrorises. yes why be kind to those who think it is ok to terrorise? there can be some attempt to bring those that were misled back. actually it is kind of a silly thinking, just like trying to be kind to a cold blooded murderer or convicted serial rapist.

and the americans provided them with tv and gym to work out.

Anonymous said...

and hotel california is funded by...?