Sorry not enough

Several UMNO Youth Branches are calling for Hishammuddin to resign for his keris kissing antics and causing the lost of confidence from other BN supporters. Kadar Shah Sulaiman Ninam Shah said about 90 branch and 25 divisional leaders made the call after Hishammuddin's apology and admission of his mistake. Actually Abdullah is paying for the sins of Mahathir, Hishammuddin and Khairy. The poor PM is being asked to resign for inheriting problems caused by other UMNO leaders. Now this is definitely unfair. Abdullah is a moderate leader, not an extremist. Given a chance, Abdullah could bring Malaysia forward in a more democratic way. It is time the wrongdoers be made to pay for their sins, not Abdullah.


Anonymous said...

When AAB was made president of UMNO, it was to all Malaysians like a fresh air after 22 years of authoritarian rule by Mahathir. Better than that, he made a lot of promises to the voters. After being elected, the situation did not improve but worsen.

Yes, AAB is much better than Mahathir and Malaysians should be thankful to AAB for making Malaysia a freer country. AAB had four years to dismantle all that is bad during Mahathir's rule. He did not and the perception was that he was following Mahathir's example and the situation becomes worse.

redbean said...

no one is perfect. abdullah has his strong and weak points. so does mahathir.

i can't think of any strong points for hisham. didn't know what he is good for.