So disgusting

With prices shooting to the sky everywhere, and the profiteers quietly congratulating themselves of their bank accounts that are getting fatter by the day, the message is that nothing can be done. Or some will say it will be worst if we tamper with the market forces. Fuck it. We have been tampering with the market forces all the while to let the market run out of control. I have been screaming my lungs out for so long, that we need to control the wild escalating of prices to all the wise men in vain. I set up this column for exactly the same purpose. I would agree that not all prices can be controlled and brought down to whatever level we want. But many can because we are the main cause of the hike. GST for one, govt own factories, offices and shops and land prices are all within our control. Not controlled by the international market forces as often parrotted. Exorbitant salary hikes to chase after inflation but give the false impression of wellbeing is a deadly potion. You don't need a genius or straight A's student to bring down some costs, selectively. You don't need to study another 5 years to come out with a good justification or plan to bring down prices. The talks and thoughts that prices must be allowed to run, up and up, are rubbish and irresponsible. It is only good for people who can write their own paychecks.


Anonymous said...

Exactly! Unjustified price increases should be highlighted and brought to the attention of the price setters. And if there is no remedy, then further action can be taken to improve the situation.

Come on, don't act as if we are so hapless and helpless. :-)

Personal empowerment starts the moment we do something positive, however small steps to improve the situation. By taking more steps, identifying and overcoming the obstacles along the way, we are closer to solving the problems.

Sometimes, creative thinking helps.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Price increases are a direct result of govt intereference in the market on mny levels - from subsidies, to monetary inflation, to regulations and popular politics.

But despite that, the sponataneous order of the General Market is working just fine.

Solution: become financially literate. Forget all the new age bullshit, learn and adopt what works for you, and I guarantee you'll be a much happier person.

We live in a Benevolent Universe, but first we must abide by her natural laws.

Anonymous said...

In Sg, we have the anti-gravity law on pricing. What goes up, never comes down.

Anonymous said...

Same law apply to those who write their own paychecks.

redbean said...

the same kind of umno thinking is prevalent.