Protesters to the Olympic Flame

Dalai Lama is due back in Washington for his briefing and for more instruction from the American Administration on what further steps to be taken. The mastermind is not making it a secret anymore as to who is the boss in this Tibetan violence. And the naive Dalai Lama is painting himself into the corner as the lapdog of the American Administration. At the same time the riots of protesters are lining up the streets in the big cities, clamouring for some publicity and TV coverage while trying to douse the Olympic Flame. I can appreciate the feelings to the Tibetans as a minority group, as other minority groups in every country. Everyone wanted independence or autonomy. The reality of politics and geopolitics will not allow that to happen. Otherwise we will have the disintegration of the USSR in every country's doorstep. Even the USA will not be safe from such forces of self rules and breaking up. In Asia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines are all threatened by such breakups. If this is the precedence to be set, the world will be in turmoil. Many protestors are protesting out of ignorance. The western media say so, the western human rights group says so, the western govts say so, it is fun to join the protestors without knowing what the shit it was all about. No need for any reason or objective reasons to protest. Many are just silly people joining the protest thinking that it is another party, an interesting movement to be in, to be seen in support of a cause. Otherwise their lives will be meaningless. There are suckers born every second.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Videos (periodically updated)

I encourage everyone to find out more about the China-Tibet situation, and why it is right and moral for the Tibetans to have self-determination and the right to their country.

I also encourage Singaporeans and the Olympic team to disobey the craven, sycophantic line adopted by PM Lee and BOYCOTT the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The ideas and principles governing human rights are coming to the fore now, as many world leaders are talking "boycott". Some of them have even withdrawn their attendance at Olympic ceremonies.

The idea of protest to not to achieve an outcome of china immediately withdrawing from Tibet — that won't happen until the Tibetans themselves rise to the challenge, en masse.

The main purpose of the protests is to apply RETALIATORY measures on the Chinese State and their authorities for what they're doing.

The Chinese State needs to be slapped in the face. They need to LOSE FACE for their abuses of state power and suffer the scorn and ridicule of all decent people in the world.

Therefore aim to disrupt the Chinese state, impose all sorts of pain and grief on the authorities with the sole purpose of really fucking up the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Anonymous said...

The US and the West, with the exception of some of the scandinavian countries, really have no moral right or conscience to talk about human rights. What they are trying to do is to make sure that Asians do not threaten White superiority, and the way to do it is by distabilising the Government of those countries and hindering their progress.

The US is a double-headed snake. They support when they have a vested interest and sabotage when their interest are threatened. Look at what they have done to the Middle East.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 2:12

What is wrong with this:

> The US and the West, with the exception of some of the scandinavian countries, really have no moral right or conscience to talk about human rights. <

The false premise here is "humanising" the idea of countries. "Countries" in and of themselves can't do anything, because they are not human beings.

It is INDIVIDUAL humans, regardless of what country they are from or are a part of, who do the thinking for each of themselves, in deciding to take up a cause or not.

Whenever there was a BIG group in charge, it was only a matter of time before the Big Group started to interfere with SMALL Groups and 'non-compliant' individuals ( the smallest "group" of all).

In other words, the violation of human rights is not an EAST vs WEST thing. ALL societies (i.e. mob rulers) have been guilty at sometime or other of imposing their values on the less powerful and subjugating them to a "collective" mindset, usually for some notion of "the greater good".

So if you want to (directed to redbean too) continue in rational discussion of human rights and civil liberties issues, get the hell away form the East vs West nonsense. Just to refresh your memory, the bullshit goes this way:

"The west has also violated human rights. Therefore they have no cause to tell Asian off." This is total nonsense. Nothing here is of any relevance because it makes no sense. If it did, this nonsense would suggest that western people and eastern people are so different at their core, that they cannot control certain ways of thinking or action. Nonsense. Pure nonsense.

Lost4ever said...

what will all of mankind achieve if its a total fuck up in the Beijing Olympics???

Anonymous said...

america is rotting and they cant stand another country, esp the chinese coming up. they are doing anything to stem the chinese rise. like why they have kkk they are also relentless against the yellow peril. chinese the world over must come to their sense that they have all along been regarded as lesser people by the west. the same as in any people, china's rise can only bring a sense of pride to people of chinese origin.

matilah, you are a bigot. tibet came under china since gengis khan.
what have you to say abt the red indians in america, the aborigines in australia, etc.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> matilah, you are a bigot. <

WOW! I'm being "slammed" by an anony-mouse. If by "bigot" you mean I believe what I believe, andscrew the rest, then you are absolutely right, so I'll thank you for the compliment.

> what have you to say abt the red indians in america, the aborigines in australia, etc. <

What about them? Bad things were done to them in the past by WHITE man. I don't dispute that.


These folks (actually their descendants) are more than amply compensated these days by the present-day taxpayers. It weas THE STATE which violated their rights, and so now it is THE STATE which pays them compensation.

Matilah_Singapura said...


> what will all of mankind achieve if its a total fuck up in the Beijing Olympics??? <

I can't speak for all of mankind, but I know what it will bring me....

# 3 Satisfaction. To know that a form of retaliatory force was successful in giving a bully a "slap on the face" and as a bonus perhaps a "bloody nose" (metaphorically speaking)

# 2 Justice. To know that all "bad choices" have "bad consequences". When the Chinese Govt decided to annexe Tibet, they mad a "bad choice".

[drum roll] "and the Number One spot Goes to...."

# 1 Selfish Entertainment. A fucking hearty laugh at another scene from the universe's tragic-comedy.

Anonymous said...

I could similarly argue that the Tibetans have been amply compensated - there is economic prosperity and political stability in the Tibetan region like it or not. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear those in Beijing and Shanghai complaining how the quality of housing for the poor in Tibet is better than theirs.

China is a nation which has yet to reach maturity, give it time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> China is a nation which has yet to reach maturity, give it time. <

It's not about the "nation". It's the people that need to mature, and as far as I'm concerned, they can take as long as they like :)

In the meantime, it's a grat opportunity to SLAP the Chinese govt.

redbean said...

what cock are you talking matilah? the state violated the rights of the aborigines? you even tried to differentiate a country from the people and that if any wrong is done, it is by the people, not by a construct called the state.

the right thing to do is to go against the people, not the state or the country. that is why i said i will protest against a rock. because doing that is just being thick in the head, like a piece of rock.

and protesting against the people, the chinese people? you were just born today? the people who did any harm to anyone, lived only for about 80 years. the people in china are a people from a new generation who have nothing to do with their predecessors.

why are you so angry about the new people in China? Many were not born yet or were kids when those violent things happened.

why are you not angry with the new people in america and Oz? the evil deeds were done by their predecessors. so they are forgiven. the atrocities of the japs and germans in the second world war were beyond anything the chinese leaders had done in tibet or tian an men.

Anonymous said...

How come Mongolia can be independent but not Tibet and Eastern Turkestan?
Is it because the Chinese are greedy for resources found in Tibet and Eastern Turkestan while Mongolia is mainly desert and grassland with no oil?

Matilah_Singapura said...

What makes you think I'm "angry"?

redbean said...

mongolia used to be one country when they conquered china and became part of china as the yuan dynasty.

in the late 19th century china was broken up to pieces and the russians, together with western powers started to carve up china under unequal treaties. outer mongolia came under russian domination. inner mongolia remained with china.

china will be broken up is tibet is allowed to break away. manchuria will also want to break off too.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Now THIS is angry!

Lost4ever said...

Hi Redbean

The old KMT(ROC) did not recognise Mongolia, to them its still part of China, go look at their MAP.

The PRC under the USSR big brother endorse Mongolia, however got to create Inner Mongolia (which is bigger than Mongolia) and move Han Chinese in, to prevent a bigger break away.

If China disintegrate, the number of countries may be moe than whole of Europe, as there are 1.3 or 1.4 billion, and if each province go on their own, there will be many states the size of France to Germany, and ONE big mess.

Perhaps Matilah_Singapura will be the happiest person when that happen... perhaps he is in the same league as Dalai... maybe will all must worship HIM/HER???

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Perhaps Matilah_Singapura will be the happiest person when that happen...<

My "happiness" doesn't depend on any event happening or not, nor anything that will or will not occur in the future.
It is not impossible to "happy" in an unfree, 'imperfect' world. But don't expect the fascist-brainwashing public school system to teach you that :)

> perhaps he is in the same league as Dalai... <

What "league" would that be? Another construct of your imagination, perhaps?

> maybe will all must worship HIM/HER??? <

Do as you please. But expect nothing from me, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Mongolia, Tibet and Eastern Turkestan were once part of the Manchu empire, but that does not mean that they were a part of China.
Just as being a part of the Mongol empire does not imply being part of Mongolia. If it did, Iran would be part of Mongolia! Therefore, Tibet and Eastern Turkestan should be granted independence.

Anonymous said...

si lah, bo chor kong.