The perceived fear of the internet

The internet is seen as a destructive or unfriendly force by most govt. They see internet as undermining whatever they set out to do. They see internet as critical, cynical and opposing whatever they say or whatever they want the people to believe. So internet is misinformation, biased information. Msm is genuine information and unbiased. What kind of tooth is this? Actually the internet is just a neutral tool, a new way of communication. The power of the day has been using and monopolising the msm to serve their own agenda all the time. With msm, they can say what they like without being challenged. Now they are uncomfortable with the internet for they no longer have control, they cannot say what they want to say and hear what they want to hear. This is the perceived fear of the internet. And in a way it is true. For only the contrarian views are expressed in the internet. The views of the authority or govt are seldom heard or expressed in the internet. But this is not the fault of the internet for having a skewed view. The internet is gaining this reputation by default. The govt and authority stay away, shun the internet as a matter of choice. The reasons is best left to themselves to explain, but pretty obvious. And the internet is branded as a misfit. Why blame the internet when the authority refuses to engage the cyber citizens? Internet is fair game to all. If you have a good point, it will be accepted by the logical and reasonable. And this is the group that the authority should be talking to. Not the cuckoos and the mentally disturbed. There are many in cyberspace but they should simply be ignored. The internet is there and everyone is invited to have his say, freely. Everyone can have a view.

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