PAP Kindergarten fee up

The PAP kindergarten is a national institution. Its existence around the heartland and for the last 30/40 years mean that whole generations of Singaporeans have benefitted from them. Many Singaporeans see the National Service as a national institution for male bonding, a phase of life that all young Singaporeans have in common. A common background to share and talk about. The kindergarten's impact is even more pervasive. Young boys and girls went through them in the early foundation days of their lives. And it was education and upbringing at a very affordable cost. But affordability is now an issue. In 2006, the monthly fee was $30.50. It went up to $50.60 in 2007. It is going to be $95 a month starting 1 Jul 08. Some parents are crying foul. Some thought that the increase in fee was due to the provision of airconditioning in the classroom as some richer parents have requested for it. So they have appealed for a lowering of fees rather than the comfort of aircon. It is true that many Singaporeans are getting more affluent and would like to live in a more comfortable environment. And airconditioning is becoming a necessity. But is aircondition so desirable? Nothing wrong with pampering our young in such comfort. But with the high fuel cost and electricity bill, not many hardlanders are going to be able to afford such comfort for long. And for those young pampered boys, they will have to get used to life without aircon when they enter NS. Unless military training camps will have aircons in time to come. The jungles surely have no aircon. Another problem with the high fees is that it does not gel well with the push for bigger families. The high education cost and now the high kindergarten fees are going to deter parents from having a brood. Then again, maybe hardlanders who cannot afford it should not have too many children. It is going to be very tough on their pockets. And many will pooh pooh the little increase as another affordable thing. For those who can afford it, what is $95 a month.


Anonymous said...

My main issue with these kindergartens is the name of these kindergartens. It is damned bloody sublimal.

Anonymous said...

If you want to have a good education you must be prepared to pay for it. If you cannot afford then keep your children at home. No one is forcing you to send them for kindergarten. Only because you are kiasu, don't expect to have something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten is not compulsory wat, can always tutor your kids at home.
Don't tell me you can't even teach abc.

Onlooker said...

And they Used Baby bonus as a bait. Just curious just one minister pay hike will be able to susidised a lot of things.
Can the Price hike be limited to PR and worker children only?
Rights when not defended are easily taken away.
At least This will not happen in China

Matilah_Singapura said...

People who send their children to POLITICALLY oriented kindergartens deserved to have their children MIND FUCKED by the state.

You know when the system is working well, when children grow into adults believing that NS is a chance for "male bonding". Yeah, "bonding" when the victims are essentially kidnapped and forced to die for their cuntry (a myth) if the state says so.

> maybe hardlanders who cannot afford it should not have too many children <

There is no "maybe" about it. Rational people PLAN their lives. Having a family requires financing, and rational people plan—sometimes for years—to have families. They save. They invest. They plan to buy the right home. They ensure that their relationships are solid.

However today, where the entitlement mentality is everywhere, people believe (thanks to educational institutions like the PAP kindergartens) that they have A RIGHT TO CLAIM if they have a NEED. I'll re-state the institutionalized altruist's (socialist) creed:
From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

So therefore people these days believe that if you want kids, just fuck your spouse or de facto until you get a kid, and if you want more, keep on fucking. Don't worry about the money—the state will educate your children, and look after them through the public health system. The state will even provided them with transport so that they can get to school.

If you have the "entitlement mentality" you never need to worry about personal responsibility ever again! Someone else (perfect strangers) will pay your way through life!

How cool is that?

redbean said...

i don't look at things in a black and white pattern. and sometimes, even a bad situation has some good things coming out from it.

when you are getting a severe bout of diarrhoea, the good thing is that the stomach is purging out all the bad stuff.

now what's wrong with the guys getting to meet up with more guys and making more friends in ns?

and the kindergarten is a major institution, though run by the pap, it has done a lot of good in bringing up the little ones cheaply. there are bound to be some politicising of the effort and a little indoctrinations. that is a price to pay.

the reason i brought up this issue for discussion is basically on the rising cost rather than finding fault with the kindergartens.

Valen Minbari said...

Increase in fees, regardless of school fees or price of taxi, price of rice etc, only is one of 2 cause:

1) Cost of doing business increased
2) Desire to increase profit
3) Any existing subsidies is decreased.

I suspect that air conditioning is but one reason. The other 2 reason above also are factors in this decision.

redbean said...

hi valen minbari,

welcome to the blog.

agree when every endeavour is a business. but somethings must not be treated strictly like a business. eg charity, govt, social welfare, looking after the less able, sharing the surplus with the less fortunate.

in the case of the kindergarten, is the aircon necessary? the second point is that the rental can be controlled as they are located in govt owned premises built in the past at lower cost. some salary cost has to go up, acceptable.

oops, sorry, hdb has been privatised for profit.

i hope no one is going to say, the more you pay, the better will be the quality of education. wink.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> now what's wrong with the guys getting to meet up with more guys and making more friends in ns?

I don't have an issue about guys meeting up to bond. The private sector has many opportunities for men to do this voluntarily.

NS or conscription is slavery. That is the difference. Any mention of NS would be incomplete without my usual pronouncement: Any parent worth his/her salt will do whatever it takes to prevent their sons from becoming slaves of the state. Avoid NS. It is your RIGHT!

> and the kindergarten is a major institution, though run by the pap, it has done a lot of good in bringing up the little ones cheaply. <

You have to be joking! Have you ever been to one of these kindergartens? They are FUCKED UP man. The kids are taught by mostly MORONS!

You think it is "cheap"? Sure. The standard SUCKS, that's why. As the saying goes "If you think education is expensive, try being uneducated".

> the reason i brought up this issue for discussion is basically on the rising cost rather than finding fault with the kindergartens. <

All costs are rising. This is a consequence of the increase in the quantity of money—i.e. INFLATION of the currency unit. All organisations are struggling with rising costs. They have no choice but to raise their prices. If you earnestly want to rid the country of rising prices, blame the agency in charge: MAS.

You don't have to look too far to fault PAP kindergartens. They are run by the govt. for the sole purpose of "conditioning" young minds to be obedient, respectful of "authority", docile and self-sacrificial.

Anonymous said...

Why die die must go to PAP kindergarten? Cannot go to other kindergarten meh? Cannot afford? Then work harder to earn more money lah. Do double jobs, triple jobs or drive taxi part-time, or find some ways to cut down other expenses, e.g. stop smoking or drinking, etc.

Still cannot? Then blame yourself why did not study hard last time and get 4As and become graduate to earn higher salary or become mp or minister?

redbean said...

we don't need a supertalent to teach the kindergarten kids addition and subtraction or abc. don't ever suggest that a professor will do a better job. this is a great idea for better quality and higher fees.

as for people doing more jobs, getting 4as, if everyone is like that, we will have big problems. everyone will be good enough and want to be the PM.

meenoi said...

Why do we even need to pay for a gov. kindergartens?? GOSH... a nominal fee is fine..but close to a 100. The pappies should see it as a form of investment for all child citizens.

Matilah_Singapura said...


> The pappies should see it as a form of investment for all child citizens. <

No they don't. PAP kindergarten's are state-controlled centres designed specifically to brainwash children stripping them of their individuality so that they can eventually become obedient serfs to their political masters.

The fact that parents have to pay for this "service" simply adds a "nice touch" to the state's anal rape.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi meenoi, welcome to the blog.

The parents should be grateful that they are paying so little. One day someone will claim the quality is so high and they need to raise the fee to match the quality.

Anonymous said...


Since u are so against our govt, why are u still living in singapore? Migrate to other countries n face the wrath of natural disaster destroying ur homes, mobs kidnapping ur child and still worry abt inflation.
Ns serves to protect the nation from other countries. Dun take ur peacefulness for granted. U think if we do not have ns or "force" our young man to join ns, u will have ur chance here to shoot ur mouth like some king? Seriously no offence but if the govt irks u so much, u can dun live in tis country. We dun fucking owe u a living. Blame ur ancestors for coming here to build their roots.