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Outcry over a Peanut

There is huge opposition and outcry in Europe over the proposal to pay the EU President a colossal salary of S$580K a year! Now, what are these Europeans thinking? Their EU President not even worth a peanut? Who else can also be called a peanut president or a peanut PM? George Bush is paid S$670k, slightly more than a peanut. Gordon Brown is paid S$521k, slightly less than a peanut. The French President, Sarkozy, a mere S$469k, can't even qualify as a peanut. The rest of the world, nothing worth talking about. All less than a peanut president and PMs.


Anonymous said...

Right,compared to the US we are really underpaid. We should be pegging our salaries to the CEOs of Apple, GE or at least their top investment bankers. When their country's wealth get transferred to China sometime this century, and their companies bankrupted one by one, then we should adjust our salaries according to the chinese.

Anonymous said...

But applying the PAP argument these people, such as Bush, Gordon Brown and Sarkozy are therefore corruptible.

Anonymous said...

Bush, Gordon Brown and Sarkozy is no where as smart as our scholar ministers.

Anonymous said...

Only ours are incorruptible becos they are paid well?

redbean said...

that is known as logically speaking. if one plus one is two, two plus one must be three.

it has to be.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever hear a filthy rich person say 'I have enough, I don't want any more money. The Chinese say that there are people who don't want their parents but not money.

Alan Wong said...

There's a wise chinese proverb which says that "An honest man will remain a pauper for life".

If that is true, then the opposite will be equally true :
A person who asks to be paid millions cannot be a honest man".

What does this say about our Cabinet Ministers ?

redbean said...

hi alan,
not applicable to uniquely singapore. the successful here are honest and the elite.

the unsuccessful are lazy and dull. anyone who cannot make it here is his own fault.