Openness, dignity and integrity

'You cannot be a political party and be strong in a democracy when there is a strong disconnection between your message and what the populace is now about. And the populace is now about openness, dignity and integrity.' Dr Ooi Kee Beng, a fellow at the Institute of SE Asian Studies. Ooi was referring to UMNO and commented that the days of Barisan National is over.


Anonymous said...

There has always been a huge disconnect between what the people of Singapore want and what the PAP as a political party thinks what the people needs. So, by this armchair academic's assertion, the days of the PAP are also over. Another academic who is speaking from his backside.

redbean said...

i think you are right. our situation is unique. the pap will be in power for another 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, I think you missed out one trailing zero.

Anonymous said...

Some dynasties in China have fallen after hundreds of years. How come? How long will the present leegime last?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, but those dynasties do not have the good fortune of being bestowed with remarkable talent and brilliance like the Lee family have. They are in a league of their own, unmatched in history, and will stand out as a shining example for all time. Hey, LKY turned this mosquit-infested swamp into a gleaming metropolis in just one generation okay. You think so easy to do, zit ? Dun pray, pray, hor.

Anonymous said...

Erh, Raffles and his mates did nothing? Oh, that part of history is irrelevant as always. Only hear the .....good news.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Earlier this morning, I decided to go to one of Soi Cowboy's quieter bars with a Malaysian mate who had just arrived in Bkk.

He said "Malaysia is a different cuntry now", referring to the after math of the recent GE.

He also predicted that UMNO will "clean house" - get rid of the corruption and favouritism (which created an "elite" Bhumi class) and return to politics as a force.

Agreeing with anon 947:

My friend is an average chap, and not an armchair academic. I believe it is the "common folk" who represent the collective opinion, not some arsehole with a string of letters and tenure at a university.

He also indicated that during the campaign, his kids, their friends and many of his other family members were very active on the internet participating in blogs and forum discussions about the upcoming GE.

Do you think the peopl of S'pore have taken notice?

You bet. I hope the PAP is shitting in their pants.

Anonymous said...

Your friend's too optimistic. But watch out for the Hollywood blockbuster that is the UMNO party polls this December!

Matilah_Singapura said...

As a self-confessed schadenfreude, I don't really care for anyone's predictions but my own. I get "jazzed" everytime I'm proven to be "right".

The Sheeple always get the govt they deserve. If UMNO regains political clout, it is irrelevant if they've reformed or not. If the cuntry collapses because the sheeple made "bad choices", I jump for joy!