Obama and human rights violations

"ABC News: April 09, 2008 7:02 PM Obama Says Bush Should Boycott Olympics In his strongest language to date about the Olympics, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said that President Bush should boycott the opening ceremonies of if the Chinese do not take steps to stop the genocide in Darfur and respect the human rights of Tibetan people. "As I have communicated in public and to the President, it is past time for China to respect the human rights of the Tibetan people, to allow foreign journalists and diplomats access to the region, and to engage the Dalai Lama in meaningful talks about the future of Tibet," Obama said in a statement." When Obama speaks about human rights violation, the world must stand up to listen. He is a living tragedy of the worst human rights violations in human history. His forebears were hunted and caught, put under chains and sold in America as slaves. He knows what he is saying. It is written all over him.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Every free cuntry ought to boycott the Olympics and slap the Chinese govt in the face for being such fucking brutal arseholes.

redbean said...

who is more brutal, the americans or the chinese?

Anonymous said...

At least the Tibetans were allowed the luxury of running riot before the crackdown.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't see how the degree of "brutality" has any relevance to the fact that the Chinese are in Tibet without the consent of the Tibetans.

There is nothing wrong with brutality, if it is used correctly - i.e. the defense of life and liberty, and the just retaliatory force used to strike back as "punishment" to one's enemy.

What the Chinese is doing is unjust. What the Americans sometimes do is unjust. Occasionally the do the right thing: like atom-bombing Japan.

Anonymous said...

A cut-and-paste from another site:

"My whole problem with this Tibet situation is that I find the concept of pushing for EVERY little sub-group that wants to start its own country or revive an ancient one to be troubling. What good can come from constant splitting of countries? In the US, I am very glad the South was prevented from seceding even though it took 100,000s of lives.

The events that are happening in the Balkans, the former USSR, and the move towards devolution in the UK to me are all backwards. Eventually, every little gang will be its own country. Then, in time, these gangs will have to unite for mutual security."

redbean said...

do the americans have any consent from the red indians to occupy the north america continent? do they minced when they slaughter the red indians to near extinction? do the australians/brits have the consent of the aborigines to occupy oz?

shall we allow the secessionists in southern thailand and phillipines? shall the japanese allow the okinawans to break away, the americans to allow texas to break away? shal the brits allow the irish or scottish to break away?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I agree with the idea that secession of smaller states from larger unions or federations is legitimate.

The fact that western imperialism brought a lot of grief to other cultures is proof that imperialism of any kind needs to be stopped simply in the name of human freedom.

What the Brits did alot of harm when their East India Co ruled the waves. Post WW I USA has seen US Foreign policy grow into a manifesto for world domination, in the name of democracy and freedom.

I say it again and again: if you are going to have STATES and their resultant GOVERNMENTS, you are going to get VIOLENCE.

However in the case of China occupying Tibet: the world (as in "individuals") have a chance of STOPPING Chinese tyranny (one kind of tyranny) by boycotting the games.

Stopping the US's global imperialism is actually quite easy to do politically: stop keeping pro-US governments in power. On the local level this means the US arse-kissing PAP, who have turned S'pore into a defacto US naval and airbase without consent of The Singapore People.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would stop harping on about boycotting the Olympics, but not boycotting trade with China.

Anonymous said...

To boycott Olympics but not trade - double standards, aren't we?

Lost4ever said...

Obama's father is a Scholar from Kenya, not those hunted down 200 years ago.

Tibetans were slaves until the PLA march in to liberate them after PRC was formed.

Whoever controls the media also controls the eyeball, u only get to see what they wanted u to see.

The german paper already apologies for the error in their reports, why CNN did not???

Please open your eyes and look, then think, b4 u spout nonsense.

redbean said...

this world is all about double standards. i would be happy to post a few more support the tibet and down with beijing olympics if the americans or the western powers are willing to pay me.

it is anytime better than supporting them without knowing why and without getting anything in return, and with the west laughing at all the fools chasing the olympic torch.

i am very sure that the media and the journalists are paid very handsomely for the stand that they are taking. even the human rights organisations and the reporters without borders group are not doing it for free, except for the silly asses that got beaten up or locked in jail.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Everyone has the right to boycott - for whatever reason, there is no denying that.

In my sphere of ideas, I do not support trade boycotts because they hurt the average peaceful Jo and Jane, who are just working for a living.

By boycotting the games, the message is a retaliatory slap on the Chinese State and their "officials". Sure, some average folk will be economically disadvantaged if the games were ever boycott, but for the "value" in bitch-slapping the Chinese Govt... it is PRICELESS!

Look, no rational person will ever believe that all this jibber-jabber on China in Tibet will actually change things and that China will all of a sudden "come to her senses" and leave Tibet. Ultimately, that job falls entirely onto the Tibetan people themselves, and will depend on how BADLY they want their independence and chance at self-determination, if not actualisation.

However, giving the "enemy" a nose-bleed now and then, I believe, is a worthy and valuable cause. even though you won't beat him because he is bigger than you.

redbean said...

matilah, you are falling into the mould that the chinese govt is a monolith, a continum ffrom the past to the present. the past is bad so the present is bad.

the new batch of chinese leaders have nothing to do with the leaders under the mao era. these are very decent men, if you care to look carefully at what how they handled the tibetan riotings and many other international issues.

if the assumption that the past and the present is the same, then my kpkb about the american past and the european past must surely taint them as the evil bastards of the earlier times.

the attack on the beijing olympics is only a politically motivated scheme of the west for their own agenda and trying their very best to paint every , now, then and forever.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Whatever dude... everyone has an asshole, and an opinion.

I've decided to take a stand, make a commitment to help disrupt the games (my own schedule permitting) and be a part of this divisive issue, taking a position against the Chinese STATE, not China's people.

You are free to hold any grudges toward anyone, for any reason. Knock yourself out.

redbean said...

i will take a stand against a rock.

redbean said...

thanks lost4ever,

i read somewhere on obama as well. not sure if there is any traces of slavery in his family. but the majority of the blacks went thru inhuman times under the white americans.

they were kept as beasts of burden and bred like animals.