Notable quote by Chua Mui Hoong

'Sometimes...the harder course is to face down the calls to resign, stay put - and win the war.' Chua Mui Hoong Chua Mui Hoong mentioned the above quote when comparing British Defence Secretaty Joh Nott who offered to resign during the Falkland War, actually recolonisation of the Falklands, with the call for Kan Seng to resign. All CEOs who are getting multi million dollar salary should frame this up and hang it in their offices just in case. It is a good piece of pragmatic advice.


Matilah_Singapura said...

CEO's are employees. They're fired unceremoniously (by the board) if they screw up badly.

Has anyone called for PM Lee's resignation?

Why not?

redbean said...

is he a ceo?