Myth 177

For the next 18 years or so, no one in their 40s and above today is good enough to be the PM of Singapore. Maybe this is not a myth but a newfound tooth. This sad state of affair is best reflected in PN Balji's article when he expressed fear in case of an emergency and no one is good enough to take over from the current PM. The next PM of Singapore will be found among those in the 30s today. So all the above 40s are has beens. Please do not feel slighted. It is the tooth. The other tooth is that Singaporeans may not even be the next PM. The best could be a quitter, a quitter from paradise or from any other country. Now this is more likely the truth. It only confirms our lack of locally born talents.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Aw shucks... The Sheeple need a shepherd or they will be 'lost sheep'


Anonymous said...

Is this 'fear factor' to remind the sheepies that without the PAP they (the sheepies) are doomed? What happened to the meticulous choosing and sieving to get the best into the PAP fold during the last couple of decades and yet they cannot come out with an individual to take over? Or is this another argument for another pay hike to attract talents into serving the country? Man, we are in trouble!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I wouldn't worry about it.

The govt gets its power by keeing the Sheeple in fear over the future.

By doing so, the Sheeple are led to have constant fear about tomorrow, instead of enjoying all the wonderful things available today. Simple pleasures like enjoyment with family and friends, are all usurped because people choose instead to focus their attention on tomorrow.

So what if S'pore doesn't get a "PAP approved" leader? What's the fucking big deal about that?

Anonymous said...

If you look at how narrow PAP define political talent, you'll see why they can hardly find anyone.

To be a political talent, you must
1. have at least 4As at 'A' level.
2. be from a top school.
3. be scholarship holder.
4. have a first degree with 1st class honour from a notable uni from either Sg or Britain and NOT the US(though 2nd degree is all right).
5. be at least LTC in NS.
6. be in your 30s.
7. be successful in your career at senior management level.
8. be PAP supporter.

Now you know why it is so difficult to find the next PM. Someone who is very successful but with 3As is NOT a potential.

Anonymous said...

The over emphasis on academic excellence is a tad too much. If Gates and Buffet were Sgporeans, they would't make it to the cabinet.
But then again, Gates and Buffet would't even be bothered with tea party or the cabinet.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 726:

Adding to the list

9. Must be capable of being a total asshole insensitive to lives of the common folk, who are there not to be served by you, but instead they are the ones serving you.

10. Must be night knowing able to sleep peacefully at with the unvarnished knowing of having taken money off hard-working people by force so that you can award yourself rock-star earnings.

11. Must believe passionately that fucking with people's lives is a "divine calling".

12. Must be able to look down on everyone and believe that your shit doesn't stink, and that you are so great you can write your own page in history, and "allow history to judge" you

Anonymous said...

Heh, I wonder if this Singaporean practice will one day end in irony.

redbean said...

the stringent criteria are necessary to keep people like george bush or george brown from applying.

also, we are running a business, a singapore inc. you need people who are able to crunch numbers, level headed and prepared to tell the brutal tooth. soft headed mushy socialists keep clear.