Mas escape nothing crucial

Chua Lee Hoong's article this morning said that there were more crucial issues than the escape. So let's move on and stop bugging Kan Seng. She took to task all the abuses and indiscriminate and unwarranted calls in cyberspace for Kan Seng to resign. And this is how she justified her stand. The buck must stop somewhere, otherwise we will have no ministers left in no time. I must agree on this if the frequency of mistakes is going to grow. Or I can disagree as the ministers and all the supertalents will not allow mistakes like this to happen. 'But the Mas Selamat escape? What loss has there been, except that of face - mostly?' I never thought that people are seeing this from the angle of losing face. And no loss? Would the loss of a dangerous terrorist that wanted to bomb an SIA plane be something? According to Chua Lee Hoong, Mas is not a homicidal maniac, and would not be a danger to the Singapore public. OK I agree. Then he should not be in the detention centre in the first place. And there is no need to mount an island wide search for more than a month. How many manhours were involved, the cost of mounting the search and the collateral damage of inconveniencing people and businesses and the loss of businesses. The best part of her article is this para. 'The escape has been a big stain on the reputation of the MHA. But it has been a lesser stain on the reputation of Singapore. We hold ourselves as more infallible than the world holds us. If you talk to businessmen and investors, the escape has been no more than an interesting interlude, with no impact on their business decisions.' This I fully agree with her. It is so interesting and amusing. Now why is everyone getting so excited about this interesting interlude and went to Parliament to challenge Kan Seng, and so many red faces? I must call for an immediate stand down to all the searches and all the nonsense appearing in cyberspace. Should anyone blame the msm for making a mole hill out of this interesting and not crucial interlude?


Anonymous said...

This shameless writer is so transparent in sucking up to the government. I believe she has ambitions to go into politics and join the elite and being an opportunist, is taking advantage of the situation.

The unhappiness expressed by many over this sorry episode just tells me that,
a) Generally the public is very unhappy with the obscene salaries of the top civil servants, as it seems to be mentioned in most blog postings
b) The James Gomez hullabaloo where they tried to paint him black by emphasizing his lack of integrity does not help LHL's support of WKS
c) LHL may think he deserves to be highly regarded as his father is by all and sundry because....but there are indication that he appears not to be well-liked after all
d) The same goes for WKS, especially being the most vocal on James Gomez's lack of integrity. In fact after Khaw Boon Wan, I believe he is the second most disliked by the public
d) Public anger real or otherwise is growing and will fend more and more until MKS is either found or known to have escape the Singapore shores. It will not be as simple as saying "Let's move on" as long as MKS is still at large
e) The response to the opposition's questions by asking the same question, the slamming of the papers and the glaring is a no-no. That he has no respect for anyone against him shows clearly, sic, Dhanabalan?
f) LKY must step in to do damage control otherwise it may be too late

This is my take.

Anonymous said...

The writings of the Chua sisters often makes my blood boil, because they spout nothing but propaganda and boot-licking stuff. The ST has lost its credibility because of these two mouthpieces of the PAP.

redbean said...

i duuno if it was her own initiative or she was told to write that piece. all i can say is that it was politically inept to come out with a piece like that at this moment when the heat is white hot. it would only increase the anger of the people and discredit the author and the paper.

very bad timing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chua Hoong, let move on to new topics. Let talk about the lost of billions of SIN monies in UBS - is it Swiss Frances 2.46 billions? ST publish in Swiss frances so you need to re-compute in SIN dollars. How much is that?

Anonymous said...

Yah, more important to talk about the Great Losses instead of the Great Escape. We shall temporarily keep the Great Escape and Great Escapade of Responsibility in abeyance until the 27 Feb 2009. And we can commemorate that day as the Anniversary of the X'Mas Selamat.

Now, let us dig into the UBS, the Citigroup, the Merrill Lynch, etc and also revisit the Shin Corpse.
How about it?

redbean said...

great losses, no. only paper loss. only short term loss.

in the long term, everything will be ok. if we are still around to see it.

don't worry.