Man with a Mission

Lee Myung Bak took time off to go directly to a police station to rebuke the policemen all because they reacted too casually to a molest case against a 10 year old girl. Wonder how he could find time for such triviality. What if he were our President and was here a month ago? He would probably flew into a rage. This self made man is a man with a mission. History once in a while will throw up a man like this. I called him a silly man. Matilah called him a selfish man, for throwing away his wealth to the poor. Fortunately or unfortunately we don't have this kind of silly and selfish man in paradise. What we have are intelligent and compassionate men that made a lot of self sacrifices to serve the people and nation.


Speedwing said...

Your sarcasm has not gone unnoticed. Be careful Redbean, I fear for you safety. Dnn't want to visit you at Queenstown.

redbean said...

hi speed,

i am just telling the plain truth. i bet no one will be as silly as this lee myung bak to donate his fortune to the poor.

singaporeans are too real and pragmatic people. we don't believe in this kind of idealism anymore.

we only tell the brutal truth.

Speedwing said...

I agree with you entirely. However, there are many ways that one can show kindness. By having a good govt is in itself a form of kindness. The govt of Singapore is second to none when it comes to looking after the people, don't you agree?

redbean said...

sure i agree. that's why i am not anti establishment.

but there are things that can be better, there are things that i don't agree and there are things that need to be said.

and they need not agree with me.

Anonymous said...

"The govt of Singapore is second to none"

I am amazed to know this. I really believe so. I can disbelieve a lot of things, this I believe.

Anonymous said...


Do you really need to go to Queenstown?

It really funny that people like to tell other people that they will be going to Queenstown when things are not running with the grain.

Is the Queenstown's national library still around? You know how to go there, right?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, if they only want to hear what they want to hear, then they are no better than the Emperor in the story of the 'Emperor And His New Clothes'. The bootlickers and toadys praised the Emperor's new clothes when the truth is he is in fact naked. Only an innocent boy dared to tell the truth. Whether the truth is brutal or not, it is still the truth.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I won't call S'poreans 'pragmatic' but I will say they are, by and large, practical.

One doesn't have to give ALL of one's money to the poor. Most people just give a bit, whatever their self-judgment tells them.

The molestation of a 10 yr old girl it not, and can never be 'trivial'.