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Mahathir insulting Malays

He said, 'The West will exploit Malays if Anwar become PM.' He still believes that the Malays are incorrigibly dumb and can be easily exploited by the Malays, including Anwar. Only Mahathir can protect the Malays and take on the West. How many of you believe Anwar is dumb and Mahathir is right?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Dr M is a master of intimidation and adept at scaring the shit out of gullible people.

Anonymous said...

i think both are equals, so that if anwar have been the leader and mathathir his deputy, he wud have suffered the heart attacks instead.

Anonymous said...

This big-mouth idiot cannot just retire and pray that when Anwar becomes PM, Anwar will give him back what he really deserves. He and those in UMNO until now still cannot comprehend that Malaysians of whatever ethnicity have turned their backs on racial politics. Now, all can look forward to a new future knowing they have the power to kick any unfit politician or party out of office. No more will they be called a Malaysian Indian, Chinese or whatever, they are all Malaysians. I salute those who had shown great courage to make this sweeping change to democracy. The likes of TDM whose ethnicity is actually Pakistani and promoting Malay supremacy and divide and rule race-based politics is no longer relevant. The now generation of Malaysians are more politically aware and can see through the wayangs perpetuated by UMNO. Malaysians are now beginning to hate Mahathir for the wrongs he had committed during his 22 years in power and it will be better for him to remain quiet and retire as gracefully as he can. The more strident his voice is, the more damage he is doing unto himself.

Anonymous said...

actually, it is more interesting that mathathir is not the senior minister or something, becos this way he can create alot more exciting scenes than had he remained behind. he has proven to be a reliable shit stirrer for all time.

redbean said...

yes, all the shit in malaysia today, the decline of umno and the racist politics and cronyism, corruption etc is the work of mahathir.

he had held back malaysia in a downslide over the last twenty plus years. malaysia was at the same level as singapore when mahathir took over. now it is trying to catch up.

great works, mahathir.

Anonymous said...

You guys except for matilah are all talking through your arses. You have no idea how strong the undercurrents of race and religion are in Malaysia. It will take more than one freak elction result to remove decades of mistrust and deep-seated animosity between the racial groups. Also, don't forget that BN can always count on that old dog of politics Lim Kit Siang to stir up some anti-Malay/Muslim shit, and then you will have the Malays all flocking back to UMNO. As matilah has said, people with power won't easily give it up without a fight, and BN/UNMO is still in control of all the levers of power and key government institutions like the police, Special Branch and armed forces. You think they will just sit back and watch Anwar waltz his way into Seri Perdana ? You're better off believing Annabel Chong is still a virgin.

Anonymous said...

Racial animosity in Malaysia is deep-seated indeed and the opposition has to be careful otherwise it will be back to the Mahathir days of BN domination again. My belief is that some elements in BN are waiting for the opposition to make the mistake of stirring up anti-Malay sentiments and then they will capitalise on this to win back their lost ground. Don't underestimate the resolve of the racist elements in UMNO who will fight to retain their rights.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, even the largely sophisticated and urbane middle class Singaporeans can be exploited by the PAP for so long. For Anwar to do likewise to the rural and not so worldly Malays is but child's play.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sheeple are "manipulated" and "victimised" by political leaders ALL THE TIME. An adept politician knows how to 'motivate' sheeple by carrot and stick, not for the benefit of the sheeple, but to bolster the tyrants own political power, and oftern personal wealth.

But at the end of the day, the Sheeple get the government they deserve.

“Evil requires the sanction of the victim.”—Ayn Rand

In other words, no one can make you a 'victim' nor 'manipulate' you without your permission. Put another way:

"You can't cheat an honest man".

Political leaders adept at "state-craft" are aware of this. In fact, they are ultimately not the ones to be blamed. It is THE SHEEPLE who are always at fault, and the responsibility to THINK CRITICALLY comes down to each and every individual in the society.

This is why culture — especailly ones based on deeply emotional feelings of collectivism—in the case of Malaysia they are race and religion—are so difficult to change. That is because the MAJORITY of people (sheeple) on the individual level subscribe to the collectivist values of RACE and RELIGION.

All a smart politician has to do to the sheeple is push the correct buttons, and the culture will reinforce itself thus elevating the politician to a god-like status.

redbean said...

matilah, i heard mahathir echoing your 'the people get the govt they deserved' on tv last night.

it is true that the deep seated racism cannot go away after having been fanned for the last 20 plus years. at any moment, with or without lim kit siang, all it needs is for someone to kiss the kris again and you can have racial riots.

the emotions of the ignorant masses are very easy to stir. the emotion of the so called elite or educated bumiputra are even easier as they know what they could gain from it.

but not all is gone. it is like walking on a tight rope and anwar has to walk it.

Anonymous said...

The onus is now on the non-malays not to let the recent developments get to their heads and Anwar better work at keeping Chinese cahuvinist dickheads in the DAP like Kit Siang in check. The police and armed forces are now even more overwhelmingly Malay than they were in '69. If BN decides to use these two institutions again as the 5/13 plotters did back then, the result would make 5/13 look like the aftermath of a one-year old kid's birthday party.

Anonymous said...

malaysia was at the same level as singapore when mahathir took over. now it is trying to catch up.

it is not just spore, a number of frontier markets is now breathing down its neck, countries like laos, cambodia, vietnam, india, china were way behind malaysia before it went into slumber. i think anwar has made that point somewhat during his rallies.

Anonymous said...

Previous Anon, you shoudl thank your lucky stars that Dr M screwed up. Imagine if he had not, and Malaysia actually became the SE Asian economic powerhouse instead of Singapore, your mother and daughters would now be working as maids in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

rite, and maybe yours wud be prostituing themselves there.. like those north of thailand did in bangkok :)