Looking for a closure?

BN Balji wrote a piece titled, 'Looking for closure in Mas Selamat case.' Many would like a closure quickly. But many more will want to see more if the mood in cyberspace is to go by. Princess Diana's death has still yet to see a closure after so many years. And with so many questions unanswered or unsatisfactorily answered, would a closure now be acceptable? Balji answered his own question. 'That will come when fugitive is found and the issue of culture is dissected.' What does he meant by issue of culture? Actually the issue of culture today is money culture. If one is prepared to demand to be paid in millions, the expectancy of the people is equally high and unforgiving for mistakes of such a nature. Many are now obsessed by the equation of responsibility and money. The more the money, the higher the responsibility. It cannot be otherwise. We need to address this issue of money culture thoroughly in order to appease the angry people. There is no free lunch.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

The guys is talking cock, as usual.

Even if the Mr Selamat is found and apprehended, there still won't be complete "closure". Why?

Because even if he is caught--after so much time has passed--that WILL NEVER alter the fact that his escape was like someone holding the door open for him...and then no one taking responsibility.