Looking and planning ahead

Now that most of the major issues have been taken care off, Singaporeans should start looking ahead and plan for the future. And stop being complacent just because the govt has been doing all the thinking and planning. Old age problem has been solved, high medical fees also solved. Now the next one is high education cost. It is estimated, on the low side for the hard landers, that a 4 year university course will set a family back by $150k. This is for a local course. Go overseas is easily double that amount. So how are Singaporeans going to prepare for such a day? Are they doing anything? If they are not, if they are going to be complacent, then the govt will start to do the thinking again. And with so many pro active ministers thinking and caring for the citizens, some are already suggesting that some kind of annuity schemes may be coming out to make sure that the people will have money to provide for their children's education. It is another good thing coming our way. Anyway, whether the Singaporeans are going to think or plan for themselves it is immaterial. Any scheme that the govt conceived of will override whatever plans the Singaporeans have made for themselves. Just look ahead for a better day and more great schemes.

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