A little uneasiness

This is what I heard after a tree planting day. A little special tree would be chosen for a minister to hold a spade or a pail of water for photo shooting. After that a little plague would be placed beside the young tree saying, 'This tree was planted by Minister Bu Zhang on 25 April 2008.' Ah Goo actually dug the hole. Ahmad carried the young tree from the nursery and Muthu did all the watering. Now the three were unhappy. They want their names on the plague also. They want the plague to read, 'This tree was planted by Minister Bu Zhang and Ah Goo, Ahmad and Muthu on 25 April 2008.' They all want to share a little credit for doing the actual work. Never mind that their names come after the minister.


Anonymous said...

Is it something like when planting the tree the minister gets the credit not Ah Goo. Ahmad or Muthu. If the tree dies, the blame is on Ah Goo (for choosing infertile soil), Ahmad (for choosing the wrong tree) and Muthu (for using polluted water) but not the minister.

redbean said...

let me ask selamat.