Let's bury the story

The great escape from paradise. It is better to let it go as it is quite pointless talking about something that will eventually be the biggest mystery in paradise. And the tooth will never see the daylight. It would be better to look at the construction of a truly formidable Alcatraz of our own in one of the islands. We need one to make sure that flies can go in but can never fly out. Mount Pleasant is better torn down and forgotten. And in its place some huge private estates can be built for better monetary returns. As for Mas Selamat, if he is not caught within the first 2 hours, the reality is that he is not going to be caught. Save the breathe.

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Anonymous said...

Are we sure he has indeed escaped? Maybe we will never really know what has happened. I honestly cannot believe that a prisoner can just walk out without been apprehended, certainly not here in Singapore. There must be another explanation, one we will never hear.