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Lack of talent in Opposition

The Mas Selamat case is a golden opportunity for the opposition to score whatever points they want in Parliament. Unfortunately their performance so far is very unflattering. The best opposition came in the form of Inderjit Singh, who was able to ask some meaningful questions quite forcefully. I must say that I am very disappointed. How could the whole embarrassing episode get by and the opposition could not even make a small dent on the govt? And they had to shield their eyes in the face of a few glares. The lack of talent in the opposition camp to rise to the occasion is very telling.


Anonymous said...

Erh, lets see if Inderjit Singh will be fielded in the next election together with others who asked the meaningful questions quite forcefully. Remember Augustine Tan, who was the one asking the tough questions. Oh, I forgot, he stepped down. Because of age? But..

Matilah_Singapura said...

Although he doesn't sit in parliament, Dr SJ Chee demanded WKS's resignation. Posted on SDP website.

Anonymous said...

In his heydey, CST would have whacked the pants off the PAP. Sad to say he is now a pale shadow of his former self as age has obviously crept up on him. LTK is, well how else can I say it, downright hopeless as an opposition figurehead. Now you know why the PAP will be in power for the next 200 years.

redbean said...

some said he is recovering from a mild stroke. so got to take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Well, the red faces in Parliament is something we all seldom had the chance to see. On the other hand should not all Singaporeans also be proud that one of our sons have outsmarted the system? We all pride ourselves in having the best equipment, best people, best everything in the world that money can buy.

If it is true he really had done the impossible and lived to tell the tale, I hope it will be in the form of a Video Tape, like the one done by Osama bin Ladin.

Then we will see those red faces in Parliament once again.

redbean said...

if mas got his escape video taped, many people will get heart attack. your idea, if materialised, is a killer.