Is there a disconnect?

Just a few months before the Malaysian GE, UMNO did not see any disconnect with the people. UMNO believed that it was in an unassailable position, that the bumiputras would be strongly behind them and the opposition could not do anything about it. They kicked their BN partners on their arses. They kissed the keris in a threatening manner. They tore down temples and places of worship of non Muslims at will. They cut down education grant for schools for the non Malays, and they took and took, to fill up their bank accounts. They never saw it coming. They believe there was no disconnect. Is there a disconnect south of the causeway? No, no signs of any disconnect. The govt is with the people and the people all behind the govt. All the decisions and policies and explanations were well received by the people. So where got problem? The third pay rise for the ministers will be coming soon. All is well.

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